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Welcome to SEXTOY Wholesale • Trusted Online for Over 25 Years • Privacy Guarantee

Mystim Pearly Pete - Corona Strap with Golden Balls

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<p>For the focused: Our <em>Pearly Pete</em> comes with three gold-plated balls aligned along the arc he spans over the tip of the penis and where they touch the skin they get right to the point. The gold not only makes the stimulation more even, it also focuses it, so that the tingling and pulsating is especially intense around the balls. And because every corona is a little different, you can move the gold balls along the upper strap to those points where the stimulation feels best. Like his cousins <em>Pure Pete</em> who abstains from any gold whatsoever, and <em>Plunging Pete</em> whose gold-plated urethral sound is also flanked by two golden balls <em>Pearly Pete</em> consists of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone; that makes him not only very hygienic but also easy to clean. The lengths of his two straps that go around the corona and over the tip are continuously adjustable so that you can fit <em>Pete</em>'s size perfectly to your anatomy. Before we let <em>Pearly Pete</em> out to play, each and every one is checked by hand and wrapped up in a neat black metal case which also contains the matching electrode cable for our e-stim devices.</p><h2>IMPORTANT NOTE! <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Mystim Tension Lover Digital Nerv Stimulator</em></a> is required for this item.</h2>